About the Give to LA Campaign

Mission. Vision. Oversight.

Our Mission

For more than thirty years, the City of Los Angeles Combined Charitable Campaign has pooled the efforts of many of the most respected and successful charitable agencies in Los Angeles into a single City employee fundraising endeavor. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for all people in all communities of this great city.

The ten Charitable Agencies that participate in the Give to LA campaign raise funds for over 400 member charities that offer a variety of programs assisting everyone from the newborn to the elderly. Those member charities fund needed social services, cancer research and patient services, health care programs, environmental programs, and scholarships. The charities and their programs serve your communities, your neighbors, and perhaps you and your family.

Every year, you are offered the opportunity to contribute to making Los Angeles and its many communities a better place for everyone. The Give to LA Combined Charitable Campaign provides a convenient and efficient opportunity for City employees to give to the charity of their choice through one-time gifts or payroll deduction.

Please donate generously to the charity of your choice, and Give to LA!

Our Vision

The Give to LA campaign's vision is to provide health, education, social, and environmental services to the citizens of the City of Los Angeles through a workplace giving campaign where City of Los Angeles employees give to a diverse range of organizations that address a need of the employee's choice. We envision an open and collaborative campaign driven by donor choice that will create a large-scale impact on all vital areas that need resources in the City of Los Angeles.

Campaign Oversight

The Give to LA campaign was created by the City Council and is officially endorsed by the Mayor of Los Angeles. Each year, it is overseen by a Chair/Lead Department of the City. This year's campaign is chaired by the Department on Disability. The charitable agencies in the campaign are charitable federations and single-purpose organizations overseen by the Los Angeles Police Commission on Charitable Giving.

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