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Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors: students, families, veterans and those suffering from homelessness.  We believe everyone should have a place to call home, access to good jobs and a quality education.


16,000 students drop out of school every year in Los Angeles.  To date, we’ve supported more than 48,000 students in Los Angeles to help them stay in school.  The LAUSD graduation rate right now is 77%. With your help, our goal is to get that number to 85%.


44,000 people sleep on our streets every night.  To date, we’ve moved over 14,000 people - including 9,000 vets - into homes and we've learned that it's 43% less expensive to provide someone with a home than it is to leave them on the street.


Los Angeles is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. So why are 15% of people here living in poverty?  Since 2012, 3,981 post-911 veterans have been placed into jobs.  With your help, by 2017 we can cut veteran unemployment in half and help thousands more families rise out of poverty.
No administration fee applies to donations to our Creating Pathways Out of Poverty (CPOP) plan. Designated donations to any specific charity other than United Way require a fee. Standard administrative fees are 9%. These fees help cover the cost of our internal controls and infrastructure needed to provide the highest level of quality assurance to our donors.
Creating Pathways Out of Poverty

The day her first daughter was born was the day that financial instability and homelessness began for Fara. The teen mother’s husband lost his job. The couple could no longer make ends meet. This began the cycle of poverty which lasted years until the couple split. The husband took two of their eldest children, bouncing from shelter to shelter. With nowhere to go, Fara and her two babies survived by living in a car for over a year.

This continued until Fara found her way to Los Angeles Family Housing (LAFH), a United Way of Greater Los Angeles-funded partner. There, she became one of the over 30,000 people United Way and its partners helped move off the streets and into permanent homes since 2011. Fara was reunited with her eldest children and was able to establish a safe home for her family. Fara also received mental health support and life skills coaching which helped her build a new life with her kids. Her children finally felt safe and stable for the first time in their lives. LAFH offered programs like theater and crafts workshops, which helped the children to come out of their shells. Today, the kids are excelling in school, and homelessness is not in their future.
Like you, United Way of Greater Los Angeles believes in a world where everyone has access to a quality education, stable housing, and a steady job. We believe that there can be more stories like Fara’s, and that’s why we are creating pathways out of poverty. Through partnership with a carefully selected group of more than 140 Los Angeles County organizations like Los Angeles Family Housing, and support from people like you, United Way can create lasting, permanent solutions that can end poverty and homelessness in Los Angeles County.
United Way of Greater Los Angeles thanks our partners for providing permission to print Fara’s story, modified for LA County Digest.
Fara and her family. Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Family Housing.

Website: www.unitedwayla.org

Our mission is to permanently break the cycle of poverty for our most vulnerable neighbors: families, children, veterans and the homeless through housing, education and jobs.

We believe everyone should have a place to call home, access to good jobs and the chance to get a quality education.
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