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What the Data Reveals
Bringing vital health resources & solutions to the students, families & communities of Los Angeles Unified School District since 1991

The Los Angeles Trust for Children’s Health (The L.A. Trust), founded in 1991,  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that works to improve the health of the children of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) by helping them become and stay healthy enough to learn, graduate and succeed. Serving as a backbone organization, The L.A. Trust provides resources and support for the growing number of school-based health centers in LAUSD schools. The L.A. Trust’s mission is to improve student health and increase the ability to learn, through access, advocacy, and programs.

Over the past two years 15 school-based “Wellness Centers” have opened across LAUSD school campuses bringing access to physical, mental, and oral health services to not only the students on campus, but to their families, and the surrounding communities. With a focus on prevention, education, and early intervention, these Wellness Centers hold the promise to affect the population health of areas with highest need. The L.A. Trust continues to pursue a bold plan to further develop and expand its 15 “Wellness Centers” within communities experiencing significant health disparities.
Of LAUSD’s 580,000 students (K-12)

•10% of students report chronic asthma
•23% of students will contract a sexually transmitted disease
•35% of the student population is overweight or obese
•45% of African American males report exposure to violence that leads to serious injury
•75% of students have active dental disease, while 6% have severe dental disease including dental abscesses, severe decay, broken teeth and other infections requiring urgent attention

These numbers are staggering.  And this is just a partial list of what our children are up against every day here in our own city, ironically home to some of the best medical institutions in the county and where health and wellness resources are plentiful. And yet for thousands of our students and their families, this care remains out of reach.
The L.A. Trust is supporting these strategic priorities:

•Integrating Wellness into all facets of school-based health including physical, oral, and mental health promotion, education and access to care.
•Advocating for proactive school health policies within LAUSD and beyond, and developing youth leaders to become champions for their communities.
•Strengthening The L.A. Trust’s role as a backbone organization across L.A. County, leveraging partnerships, and driving program quality and improvement.
What We Do to Support
The L.A. Trust is changing the landscape of how health care is delivered to the pediatric and adolescent population while keeping student achievement front and center. The 15 LAUSD Wellness Centers were strategically built in areas where access to health services was limited (i.e. areas of greatest health disparity). The L.A. Trust supports the integrated and coordinated care for students, families, and the surrounding community in the city of Los Angeles. Seven out of the fourteen Wellness Centers we champion are located in Service Planning Area 6 (South Los Angeles). We also have Wellness Centers in SPAs 2, 4, 6 and 8. For a complete list of all the Wellness Centers, visit our website at
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