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"Student Health = Student Success”
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Bringing vital health resources & solutions to the students, families & communities of Los Angeles Unified School District since 1991
Parents, guardians, educators and doctors know this truth: Children cannot learn if they are sick, in pain, or experiencing trauma. Yet, for far too many
students in Los Angeles, the much-needed access to medical care for physical, mental, or dental health is hard to come by.

To address this issue, the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1991 founded The L.A. Trust for Children's Health, a nonprofit advocacy organization to
improve student health and educational outcomes.  The L.A. Trust’s work, in recent years, has resulted in bringing access to integrated healthcare
services to the school campuses, especially to the neighborhoods with the least resources, and suffer the greatest health disparities.

The L.A. Trust, in the last five years, has spearheaded the opening of a total of 14 “Wellness Centers” throughout the LAUSD campuses. These Wellness
Centers offer physical, mental and dental health services, with focus on prevention and early intervention for the children, families, and local

These beautiful, state-of-the-art Wellness Centers have had 273, 214 visitors since fall 2012. This remarkable milestone was achieved in partnership with
trusted healthcare providers who work at the school-based sites. Also open to the nearby communities, the Wellness Centers have shown promise to greatly
impact the health status in large swaths of neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

Health priorities for the children of Los Angeles:
• Primary medical care
• Promotion of mental health
• Improved oral health (fluoride varnish program, referral to care)
• Development of youth advocates for health and wellness

Building the future workforce of Los Angeles
• Establish career pathways at Wellness Centers
• Improve pediatric and adolescent health care landscape

We need your help to continue the good work for our children, our future. The L.A. Trust relies on fundraising and grants for 100% of its operating budget, and
to support the health needs of many of LAUSD’s 600,000 students. Your tax-deductible donation is applied directly towards evidence-informed programs.
$5 a month will provide 5 students with a toothbrush and an educational coloring book
$50 a month will supply 133 refillable water bottles for students to use the new LAUSD water-filling stations
$100 a month will provide 2 on-campus Wellness Champions stipends
$500 a month will provide support for 2 student led on-campus Wellness Campaigns

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