Asian Pacific Community Fund

Contact person:Debbie Chun, Development Manager
Phone Number: (213) 624-6400 (ext. 14)

The Asian Pacific Community Fund (APCF) is a network of 40 community organizations
serving over 250,000 people annually in a total of 27 Asian languages plus English and
Spanish. As the only Asian and Pacific Islander community-based fund in Southern
California, APCF is focused on providing culturally sensitive programs and services to meet
the complex and diverse needs of the Asian and Pacific Islander community.
Who We Serve

• Our network of Nonprofit Organizations provides culturally and linguistically appropriate services to over
250,000 people in need every year in 27 Asian and Pacific Islander languages, in addition to English and Spanish.
• While 55% of those served identify as API, we serve a
diverse population that is reflective of our communities -with 24% Hispanic/Latino, 10% African American, 4% Caucasian, and 6% Other.
78.3% of our Clients are Low-Income
• We serve children, youth, parents, families, seniors, undocumented community members, low-income, immigrants, and homeless individuals.
How We Serve

Many of our Affiliate Agencies serve as
one-stop centers that provide a multitude of services for the individual or family, due to language and cultural needs. Annually, these services include:

•Afterschool Programs for 10,000+ Children & Youth
•Employment Services for 5,500+ Youth & Adults
•Healthcare Services to 18,000+ Children & Adults
•Affordable Housing for 3,000+ Children & Families
•Case Management & Counseling for 51,000+ Children & Adults
•Parent Education & Training for 35,000+ Parents
•Legal Services for 4,000+ Adults
• Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles
• Asian American Drug Abuse Program
• Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center
• Asian Pacific Family Center
• Asian Pacific Health Care Venture
• Asian Pacific Women's Center
• Asian Rehabilitation Services
• Asian Youth Center
• Center for the Pacific Asian Family
• Chinatown Service Center
• Filipino American Service Group, Inc.
• Japanese American Citizens League - Pacific Southwest District
• Khmer Girls in Action
• Korean American Coalition
• Korean American Family Services
• Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance
• Korean Resource Center
• Koreatown Youth and Community Center
• Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.
• Little Tokyo Service Center
• Los Angeles Chinatown Firecracker Run Committee, Inc.
• National Asian Pacific American Families Against Substance Abuse
• OCA - Greater Los Angeles
• Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment
• Search to Involve Pilipino Americans
• South Asian Network
• Thai Community Development Center
• Visual Communications
APCF Agencies
Liam became a victim of human trafficking when he was recruited by a labor firm in Thailand for farm work in the U.S. Upon arrival, traffickers immediately confiscated his passport. Under the threat of intimidation, his employers failed to provide adequate housing or food as promised, and the pay was irregular and meager. Working conditions were harsh, as Liam and other farm workers worked long hours in the sun and pick prickly pineapples with their bare hands.

Liam survived for weeks on rice alone. As his recruitment fees were tied to his home in Thailand as collateral, it was nearly impossible for him to pay back his debt, much less send money back. He felt pressured to continue working under these inhumane conditions, just to ensure that his family did not become homeless.
Righting Injustice and Reuniting Families.
Feeling overwhelmed by the constant surveillance, Liam decided to escape. But with little English skills and no knowledge of his surroundings, where could he go? After connecting with other victims, he came upon the Thai Community Development Center (CDC). With Thai CDC’s help, he cooperated with law enforcement to press charges against his traffickers. While awaiting his case, Thai CDC helped Liam receive temporary immigration relief through a pro bono attorney and provided social services, including food stamps, healthcare, and financial assistance.
Thai CDC is a member charity of the Asian Pacific Community Fund, one of the 7 participating charities of LA County’s Charitable Giving Campaign (CGC). For more info, please visit

Written by Thai CDC, with editing by the Asian Pacific Community Fund.
Recently, Liam was reunited with his wife, whom he had not seen for almost a decade, as he was unable to return to Thailand due to fear of retaliation from his traffickers. With Thai CDC’s assistance, Liam and his wife were granted legal permanent residency - they are now starting a new life together here.
Liam eagerly awaits and waves for his wife as she arrives from Thailand at LAX.
Finally reunited after nearly a decade of separation, Liam embraces his wife through laughter and tears.

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